Dough mixer

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  • Publication date: 15 February 2021
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 8 January 2021
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 Changing a recipe can have major implications for the efficiency of the equipment used to make it.

This feature will explore how characteristics such as batter or dough thickness, product size and ingredients can impact the efficiency of equipment such as mixers and ovens.

It will predominantly focus on bread and bread-based products, particularly those made in large volumes by industrial bakers and manufacturers.

Key questions this feature will explore include:

  • How does batter or dough thickness impact the efficiency of mixers?
  • When changing a recipe what’s the best way to gauge how much of an impact the dough has on equipment? How much of a consideration should this be during product development?
  • What challenges does adding inclusions, such as nuts, fruit or chocolate, pose in terms of equipment efficiency?
  • How can these be overcome?
  • Does the size of a loaf of bread, for example, have an impact on an oven’s efficiency? If so, what’s the best way to overcome this?
  • Do these effects vary depending on the size of equipment? Is an industrial-scale mixer better at handling variances than a smaller-scale one?

The feature will also include a box out on how bakers and manufacturers should manage their facilities and equipment should they choose to change recipes to remove allergens.