Sourdough loaf on marble background

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  • Publication date: September
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 26 August 2022
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In celebration of Sourdough September, we explore the latest innovations in the sourdough market. Capacity is growing at pace with investment in new lines from some of the industry’s major players. So, how much growth is there in sourdough and who will benefit from this?

Key questions this feature will explore:

  • How has demand for sourdough changed over the past few years?
  • What are the drivers behind this?
  • Which firms are investing in sourdough and why?
  • What are consumers looking for when it comes to sourdough? How does this differ between the supermarket and artisanal bakery markets?
  • Besides bread, which other baked goods is sourdough gaining traction in?
  • What potential is there for the growth of sourdough in the future?