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  • Publication date: 28 September 2020
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 28 August 2020
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This feature will examine the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on the UK market.

Cake suppliers report that the early days of the covid-19 and introduction of lockdown resulted in a decline in sales of sweet treats as attention became focused on core grocery products (and toilet roll, of course!).

However, for many suppliers, the market bounced back – particularly in the case of smaller treats

Key topics to be examined will include:

  • How severe was the decline in cake sales and how quickly didn’t markets recover?
  • How did major suppliers react?
  • Did high street bakery chains see a similar drop-off in demand for cake as that experienced at retail?
  • How are suppliers adapting to the new retail and foodservice landscape – how has this impacted NPD and packaging?
  • How have makers of celebration cakes – both large businesses and independent cake-makers – adapt to survive the lockdown?
  • How do the prospects look for celebration cakes now?