Barista using coffee machine

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  • Publication date: 8 November 2021
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 1 October 2021
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Staying abreast of trends is a key part of any bakery business. This feature will explore which bits of equipment are worth investing in to help bakers stay on top of consumer trends and needs.

We’re interested in exploring kit that could add value to operations at craft bakeries and/or larger manufacturers, spanning serious investments to humble items. For example, the kit in question could range from a coffee machine to mixer, dough divider, icing line or something more unique.

Key questions this feature will explore:

  • Which pieces of added value kit should a bakery business invest in and why?
  • What type of bakery is it suited for?
  • What trends/consumer needs will it help the business to tap into?

We will also be looking for case studies of bakeries that have recently expanded their equipment line up, the reasons behind this and how it has helped their business.