Asda and breakfast brand Fuel10k have teamed up to create a range of home baking mixes.

Asda and Fuel10k team up on home baking mixes

Named Arise Bakery, the range consists of six different mixes, including cookies, cakes and bread (see full list below) and is designed to “help satisfy the nation’s love of baking”. Consumers just need to add water and oil to the mixes.

The range took just 26 days from initial concept to landing on shelves, said the retailer, and allowed two teams from Fuel10k’s suppliers to be taken off furlough.

The full range, which is available in Asda stores and online, comprises:

  • Complete Bread Mix (can also be used as a pizza base mix) – £1.50
  • Soft & Chewy Cookie Mix – £1.75
  • Soft & Chewy Chocolate Cookie Mix – £1.75
  • Traditional Cake Mix (can also be used for muffins) – £2.00
  • Chocolate Cake Mix (can also be used for muffins) – £2.00
  • Chocolate Brownie Mix – £2.00

“The time spent in lockdown has truly reignited the nation’s love of baking and, at Asda, we want to help satisfy this demand from our customers as much as possible,” said Laura Williams, Asda desserts and baking buying manager.

“We’ve had to be resourceful in these challenging times, and creating the Arise Bakery range not only allows us to support a British supplier, but also create products we know our customers will love, so they continue to bake up a storm in the kitchen.”

Jason Kerr, co-founder at Fuel10k, said the company was “thrilled” to have collaborated with Asda.

“It has been great, as this has helped our suppliers during uncertain times, with two teams being brought back from furlough to make all this happen in record time,” he added.