Asda Pastrami & Emmental New York Style Deli sandwich in packaging

Source: Asda

Asda has overhauled its food-to-go offering with 47 new products and 18 improved lines rolled out as part of a £1.2m range reset.

The refresh is the biggest for the retailer’s food-to-go category in six years and is designed to help drive more shoppers into store by reappraising quality, it said. The move also plays an integral part in Asda’s mission to establish its presence in the convenience sector.

Asda Chicken Katsu Wrap in packaging

Source: Asda

New products added to the line-up include an ‘elevated offering’ of deli-style sandwiches and salads with a mix of on-trend and classic fillings. ‘Sandwiches 2.0’ – those with overloaded fillings and global inspirations – were identified by Jonathon Moore, Asda’s senior director of food trends and innovation, as one of the trends driving the retailer’s product development over the next year.

One example of this from the new deli range is the Pastrami & Emmental New York Style Deli (£3.50) which sees two slices of thick rye bread packed with sliced pastrami, Emmental cheese and sauerkraut cabbage, topped with an American mustard mayo and gherkins.

The Chicken with Katsu Curry Sauce wrap is another example of this trend. It has a tortilla filled with marinated chicken breast, pickled cabbage, carrots, katsu curry sauce, and coriander.

Other products in the line-up include:

  • British Beef with Onion Chutney on thick white bread
  • Chicken & Mozzarella with Slow Roasted Tomatoes on thick white bread
  • Spinach Falafel with Houmous on a chilli wrap
  • Vintage Cheddar with Chilli Chutney on thick white bread.

The range also includes a variety of thick sub rolls and deli wraps, alongside 19 new snacking lines.

The improved product offering comes alongside a packaging refresh which Asda said would bring more colour and excitement to the fixture as well as complement the quality perceptions of the new and improved range.

It’s available now in-store and online and can be purchased as part of Asda’s meal deal, starting from as little as £2.20 for a sandwich, snack, and drink.

“This is Asda’s biggest reset in the food-to-go category in six years and we’ve invested in quality improvements to ensure customers are inspired by our breadth of choice, and exciting on-trend flavours, alongside the classics done exceptionally well,” said Joanna Johnson, senior manager of Asda Own Brand.

Asda Vintage Cheddar with Chilli Chutney sandwich in packaging

Source: Asda

“Growing our convenience offer is a key pillar in our strategy to becoming the UK’s number two retailer so we’re excited to see how this range plays an integral role in this growth as we progress our roll out of Asda Express stores over the next 12 months.”

NPD has been at the forefront of the retailer’s strategy of late, with 137 new bakery products rolled out for summer 2023. Lotus Biscoff Croissants, a Barbie Celebration Cake, an Olive Sourdough Bloomer, and Pumpernickel Bread were among the new additions.

Last year Asda also overhauled its bakery range with 200 new or improved products unveiled including a Parisian-style White Baguette, Fruit Batch Loaf, and an Extra Special Sourdough made with a 10-year-old starter.