Innovative flavours, novelty designs, and twists on tradition are abundant in Tesco’s festive line-up this year.

The retailer is the first major supermarket to unwrap its Christmas range. It features indulgent savoury delights, including a monkfish wellington and pigs in blanket-topped pie, alongside reimagined Christmas classics, such as Golden Mince Pies.

There’s also a feast’s worth of desserts to choose from as the retailer brings festive cheer by embracing warm spices and chocolate.

Here, British Baker takes a closer look at what Tesco has on offer for Christmas 2023:


A Pigs in Blankets Topped Pie on a festive table

Source: Tesco

Pigs in Blankets Topped Steak Pie

Pigs in blankets can improve almost all savoury Christmas fare. With this in mind, Tesco has crowned a succulent steak pie encased in crispy puff pastry with mini pigs in blankets.

Rsp: £4


A pile of lovely golden mince pies with candles in the background

Source: Tesco

Golden Mince Pies

Tesco has sought to make mince pies more indulgent this year. Its Golden Mince Pies, part of the Finest range, comprises shortcrust pastry made with muscovado sugar for a ‘richer’ flavour. Taking things to the next level, the cases are filled with spiced mincemeat featuring apple and calvados. Tesco has also added a fluffy and sweet almond filling to a mince pie for a twist on the classic. Part of the Finest own-label line-up, its Frangipane Mince Pies have a buttery, shortcrust pastry and traditional mincemeat filling.

Rsp: £2.50 (Golden) and £2.25 (Frangipane)


A spiced orange cheesecake with a slice taken out of it, and orange topping

Source: Tesco

Winter Orange Cheesecake

Part of Tesco’s Finest range, this features a ginger-spiced digestive crumb filled with creamy baked orange and mascarpone cheesecake, with pools of orange sauce. The cheesecake is finished with an orange glaze and amber lustre.

Rsp: £13


A Monkfish & Chorizo Wellington with samphire sticking out and a herby crumb on top of the pastry

Source: Tesco

Monkfish & Chorizo Wellington

Tender monkfish tails filled with sundried tomato and lemon, with chorizo and samphire, are wrapped in a sweet pancake for this festive centrepiece. The whole thing is then encased in a buttery puff pastry and finished with a chilli & coriander ciabatta crumb.

Rsp: £25


Dark Chocolate Ganache slices on a golden plate with fresh raspberries and rosemary

Source: Tesco

Dark Chocolate & Honeycomb Ganache Bomb Bar

These bars see decedent Belgian chocolate and honeycomb ganache layered onto a crunchy digestive biscuit and crushed honeycomb base. They’re topped with a chocolate cigarillo and hand dusted with cocoa.

Rsp: £13


Brown and white steamed mushroom buns on a golden plate

Source: Tesco

Steamed Mushroom Buns

A new take on steamed buns comes in the form of these fluffy mushroom buns. They have a mushroom and hoisin centre. Other interesting looking steamed buns come in the form of Steamed Duck & Orange Buns. Shaped and coloured to look like oranges, inside lies a rich duck and vegetable filling flavoured with tangerine.

Rsp: Both £4.50 for six


A meringue topped with cream, frozen berries and chocolate shavings

Source: Tesco

Mulled Berry Meringue Wreath

Tesco describes this festive dessert as a crisp and chewy meringue wreath dusted with amber lustre, topped with mulled berry cream and hand-placed berries. It is then hand-drizzled with mulled berry coulis and finished with dark chocolate shards and a sweet snow dusting.

Rsp: £6.50


A cheesecake with snowman's face on top

Source: Tesco

Smash Nose Snowman Cheesecake

Fun for all the family! This interactive dessert has a smashable nose with hidden stars inside. The dome sits atop a white chocolate cheesecake on a crumbly biscuit base.

Rsp: £7.50


Tesco Christmas Smoked Salmon Shells

Source: Tesco

Smoked Salmon & Cracked Black Pepper Shells

These edible baked pastry shells are filled smoked salmon cream and crushed black pepper. Tesco has also unveiled Mini Coquille Scallop Pastry Shells which has scallops, salmon, and prawns in a white wine sauce, topped with creamy mashed potato and cheese in a pastry shell.

Rsp: £4.50 for 10


A festive chocolate cake with chocolate shavings on the side and edible holly and ivy leaves on top

Source: Tesco

Chocolate Log Cake

Offering an alternative to traditional Christmas cake, this celebration cake is styled to look like a tree trunk. It features a chocolate cake filled with chocolate flavoured buttercream, covered in milk chocolate, and finished with a milk chocolate ganache, icing sugar dusting, and edible decorations.

Rsp: £17


Vegan-friendly mini sausage rolls with stuffing inside

Source: Tesco

Stuffing Roll Selection

A vegan-friendly selection of seasonal stuffing inspired rolls, including chestnut & cranberry, apricot, sage & onion, and apple.

Rsp: £2.50 for nine


A butternut squash galette on a festive looking table with glasses of wine around it

Source: Tesco

Roasted Butternut, Spinach & Sage Galette

For a vegetarian centrepiece, Tesco is serving up butter puff pastry filled with crème fraiche and spinach sauce topped with extra mature Cheddar cheese, and roasted butternut squash – all finished with a herby crumb.


A plate of chocolate brownies topped with orange peel and dried cranberries

Source: Tesco

Cranberry and Orange Brownie Slices

A warming twist on a traditional chocolate brownie, these sliced are infused with winter citrus orange zest and topped with dried cranberries.

Rsp: £3.50


A vegan butternut wellington with a lattice pastry on top

Source: Tesco

Roast Butternut Wellington

Part of Tesco’s vegan-friendly Plant Chef range, this wellington sees roast butternut squash with pea protein, and mushroom & herb duxelles, hand wrapped in flaky puff pastry.

Rsp: £5


A Swiss roll with a snowman face and mini marshmallows on top

Source: Tesco

Snowman Swiss Roll

This festive take on a chocolate Swiss roll sees chocolate sponge filled with chocolate flavoured buttercream, enrobed in milk chocolate. The cake is topped with mini marshmallows, chocolate, stars, snowflakes and a decorative snowman face.

Rsp: £7