Aunt Bessie’s has introduced a pair of frozen hot desserts designed to cater for large gatherings.

The new Melt in the Middle desserts are available in two flavours – Belgian chocolate chip and salted caramel – each weighing 500g and serving six people.

Aunt Bessie’s said the new product catered for a gap in the market and was a solution for at-home gatherings during the colder months, when the demand for hot desserts peaks.  

“Shoppers have demanded a new, exciting take on the frozen hot desserts category, and this is supported by research that shows that they are willing to pay a higher price for a premium option in the category,” said Hannah Haas, marketing director at Aunt Bessie’s.

“By innovating within frozen desserts and offering a stand-out product with a premium feel, we hope to help our retail partners capitalise on the increased opportunity over the coming months.”

The desserts were launched last week and are priced from £2.50 to £3.00.