Aunt Bessie’s is tapping into demand for Yorkshire pudding wraps with its new frozen Yorkshire Bases.

Available now, the flat square bases are sold in a pack of two with an rsp of £1.50 and can be used in a number of ways, including as a wrap or a pizza base.

“Our new product offerings come at an exciting time for the business. We hope that our Yorkshire Bases will inspire our shoppers to create new and innovative recipes, using the bases with burritos, wraps, pizzas and more,” said Hannah Haas, marketing director at Aunt Bessie’s.

Yorkshire puddings have been growing in popularity since their emergence as a popular street food in the form of a roast dinner-filled wrap. As a result, manufacturers have been looking to diversify, which has seen them used as a pizza base and also a sweet dessert.

They have also featured across a number of festive ranges – both in food-to-go and more traditional meal occasions. Examples include the Roast in a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap from Eat and a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap from Lidl, which contains turkey, sausages, stuffing and cranberry sauce.