Asda has unveiled its 2018 spring/summer range, which includes a Dragon Cake, S’mores Mallow Cake and wood-fired pizzas.

The range covers a host of occasions from celebrations to picnics, barbecues and lunchtime. Alongside a selection of baked goods, it features meat for the barbecue, condiments, salads, vegan burgers and gin. Products are already rolling out in stores, although some will not appear until May.

Asda’s new celebration cakes focus heavily on indulgence, with strong influences from America as shown by the S’mores Mallow and Cookies & Cream cakes. Animals, both mythical and real, also feature heavily, from a flamingo-topped offering to the brightly-coloured Dragon Cake. 

Here are some highlights from the baked goods selection:

Dragon Cake

Asda has created this brightly-coloured cake as an alternative to its popular Unicorn Cake. While the UK’s obsession with the mythical horned beast shows no sign of slowing down, products are predominantly aimed at girls. Asda hopes this fiery Dragon Cake will appeal to a wider audience looking to celebrate special occasions with mythical creatures. It is comprised of a layered chocolate sponge, decorated with yellow and orange buttercream, and costs £11.

S’Mores Mallow Cake

Tapping into the well-established combination of chocolate and marshmallow, Asda is rolling out a S’mores Cake this April, priced at £13. It is made with a light chocolate sponge and rich frosting, smothered in gooey marshmallow, which has been sprayed with a golden sheen for a toasted-looking finish.

Raspberry & Prosecco Scones

Scones, like many other traditional treats, are getting a fresh injection of flavour as retailers look to spruce up their ranges. Asda has kept the ready-to-eat scone traditional, but infused the cream with Prosecco flavouring for a bubbly twist, accompanied by a rich raspberry jam.

Wood-fired Pizzas

Bringing some Italian authenticity to the frozen aisle are Asda’s four-strong range of Extra Special wood-fired pizzas. The range comprises two vegetarian options – Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato and Chargrilled Vegetable – alongside a Chicken & Basil Pesto and Spicy Napoli Salami Pizza. All are priced at £2.50 and are wood-fired in Parma, Italy.

Extra Special Brown Sourdough

Asda is encouraging its customers to swap white bread for a healthier alternative, such as this Extra Special Brown Sourdough. Priced at £1.50 per loaf, it is crafted from a 20-year-old levain and stone-baked. Asda describes it as perfect to use for sandwiches or to dunk into dips.

Unicorn Cupcakes

It’s the year of the unicorn! Following on from the success of Asda’s unicorn celebration cake, the retailer is now rolling out Unicorn Cupcakes. They comprise vanilla cupcakes topped with white, blue or pink icing, with sprinkled and unicorn decorations. Asda is also rolling out a four-pack of Free From Unicorn Cupcakes.

Flamingo Cake

From mythical creatures to equally fabulous, but real, ones… flamingos are the newest animal trend on the scene, according to Asda, which has tapped into it with this flamingo-topped cake (£11). With a Victoria sponge at the heart, it responds to the demand for ombre cakes with layers of pastel pink and blue icing. Asda is also rolling out a nine-pack of Flamingo Cupcakes, with swirled pink and blue frosting, topped with flamingo decorations, for £4.50.

Cookies & Cream Cake

Like the S’mores Cake, Asda’s Cookies & Cream Cake also draws on classic American flavours. Priced £13, it’s made up of chocolate and Madeira sponges, layered with a sweet cookie frosting and dunked in a chocolate cookie crumble.

Gluten Free Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Asda has expanded its food-to-go range with two new gluten-free options – Gluten Free Cheese Salad Sandwich and Gluten Free Chicken Salad Sandwich. Both are priced at £2.50 and come with cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Frozen Afternoon Tea

The British weather seeks to ruin Brits’ meal plans throughout the summer, but Asda is looking to offer shoppers a more flexible option when it comes to dessert in the form of its Frozen Afternoon Tea selection. The mini treats include Victoria sponge, mini chocolate-filled eclairs, lemon doughnuts and raspberry macarons. The Selection is priced at £5 for 42 pieces.

Free From Raspberry & Coconut Slices

Asda has increased its free-from range with a selection of ready-made sweet treats alongside home baking kits, such as the Llama Cookie Kit and the Chocolate Cookie Sandwich Kit.

As part of its ready-made range, it has unveiled a Free From Raspberry & Coconut Slice. The oaty treat features a flapjack base topped with raspberry jam. It is suitable for vegans and is free from wheat, gluten, egg and dairy.