Greek-style Wrap by Baked Earth Bakery 2100x1400

Source: Baked Earth Bakery

Greek-style Wrap

Italian breads, pizza bases, and wraps comprise the latest savoury bakery launches from suppliers to the foodservice sector.

These are looking to cater to the ever-increasing numbers of foreign cuisine lovers, especially authentic Italian food, as well as followers of gluten-free diets.

After rounding up the sweet treat NPD from bakers and new Easter-themed goodies at retailers earlier this week, we now take a look through the savoury innovations set to enhance out-of-home offerings:

Ciabatta on Delifrance's new PanItaly range  1399x1400

Source: Délifrance

Ciabatta on the new PanItaly range

PanItaly bread range, Délifrance

Tapping into the rising demand for speciality Italian food and drink products, Délifrance has revealed its newest bread range, PanItaly. Recent research published by the bakery supplier found that 40% of consumers prefer breads of the world when at home, and over half seek them while out.

The PanItaly range comprises speciality products including firm favourites Ciabatta, Focaccia and Panini, which are made in Italy using traditional baking techniques such as Biga (a type of pre-fermentation).

“With demand rising for speciality loaves, breads from outside the UK give operators the chance to bring further excitement to the bakery fixture and innovation to a menu,” noted Délifrance marketing director Stéphanie Brillouet. “This gives suppliers and retailers an opportunity to add further value to the market by meeting demand for more exciting, premium breads.”


Gluten-free pizza base, Pan’Artisan 2100x1400

Source: Pan’Artisan

Gluten-free pizza base, Pan’Artisan

These 12” gluten-free pizza bases, sold frozen in cases of 22, simply need to be thawed before topping and baked at a recommended oven temperature of 330-350°C (cooking times will vary depending on oven and toppings used).

Dough product supplier Pan’Artisan highlighted the growing number of UK consumers following a gluten-free diet, now said to be at least 10% according to “Preparing your gluten free food offer to include one of the most requested dishes – pizza – is smart planning and sure to attract custom,” said Charlotte Perkins, commercial manager at Pan’Artisan Ltd.

“It’s often noted that gluten free pizza bases can be tougher than a traditional thin base, but our newly launched Gluten Free base redefines this and draws on our Italian heritage to offer an incredibly light, fluffy textured pizza base. These bases are made in the UK from an Italian blend of premium ingredients, including rice flour. They also have a low salt content, which is under the government guideline,” Perkins added.


Turkish-style Wrap by Baked Earth Bakery 2100x1400

Source: Baked Earth Bakery

Turkish-style Wrap

Flatbread wraps, Baked Earth Bakery

Nottingham-based Baked Earth Bakery has launched fully-baked Turkish-style and Greek-style flatbreads (around 20cm in diameter), available via frozen food distributor Central Foods.

The Turkish wrap is topped with brown and yellow linseeds and kalonji (black onion) seeds, while the Greek wrap is embedded with ancient grains such as linseeds, sunflower seeds, millet, wheat flakes, oat flakes, barley flakes and crushed rye.

The wraps, which are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, can be warmed from frozen in 4-5 minutes in an oven or in a few minutes under the grill, and can also be defrosted and eaten cold. Baked Earth MD Dan Butt described them as “tasty, versatile and just perfect for the latest trends in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine”.


12'' KaterBake Pizza Base  2100x1400

Source: Central Foods

12’’ KaterBake Pizza Base

KaterBake pizza bases, Central Foods

Five new pizza bases in a variety of sizes have been added to Central Foods’ own-label KaterBake range, all suitable for vegans and vegetarians. These include thin & crispy and soft & fluffy options, plus a rectangular pizza designed for larger scale catering.

“The frozen pizza bases are low in fat and low in salt (below PHE 2024 Targets), with no added sugar, and made to an authentic pizza recipe with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives,” said Central Foods MD Gordon Lauder.

Thin & crispy bases are available in sizes of 9” and 12” sizes, while soft & fluffy bases come in 12” and 15” as well as the rectangular 9” by 15”.


Country Choice Savour It additions 2024  2100x1400

Source: Country Choice

New Savour It range additions

Ciabatta & Wraps, Country Choice

Having revamped the branding of its Savour It hot food-to-go range at the end of last year, bakery supplier Country Choice has now expanded it with three new products. These include:

  • Mozzarella, Pesto & Tomato Ciabatta – mozzarella and Cheddar cheese with basil pesto and slow-roasted tomatoes in a rustic ciabatta.
  • Spicy Chicken Burrito Wrap – chicken breast pieces with white rice, a spicy tomato sauce, peppers, jalapenos, and mozzarella cheese in a tortilla wrap
  • All Day Breakfast Wrap – cooked sausages with smoked streaky bacon and scrambled egg, with baked beans and Cheddar cheese in a wheat flour tortilla

Additionally, the existing Bacon Panini and Sausage Panini have been improved through a switch to traditional Ciabatta, along with some enhanced meat fillings. All Savour It items require zero preparation and bake in just 25 minutes.