In celebration of its 100th year, Birds Bakery is reviving an old favourite each month.

The Derby-based bakery, which was established in 1919, is this year marking its centenary with the revival of some of its traditional baked goods.

Each month, at least one bake from its history will make a return, starting with the Orange Danish this month.

Birds said the revival had so far been very well received and that has encouraged positive engagement from customers.

In February, its Mushroom Vol-au-vent will make a return, and the products due to be revived later in the year are:

  • Walnut Creams 
  • Birds’ Classic Pâté 
  • Apple Puffs 
  • Chocolate Batons 
  • Frangipani tarts
  • Coconut Tarts
  • Battenberg 
  • Macaroon Tarts