The London-based Carotino Group has launched a new bakery product called Baker’s Friend, which tastes and bakes just like real butter, but is healthier and up to half the price.

Baker’s Friend is a replacement for butter in all kinds of bakery applications. It offers advantages and nutritional benefits when making bread, rolls, buns, pizza bases, cakes, pies, tarts, biscuits, flapjacks, cookies, shortbread, muffins and ethnic baked goods like baklava, parathas, naan bread and bhajis.

Dan Lawson, managing director of Carotino EU, said: “No other butter or bakery fat comes close to offering the range of benefits that Baker’s Friend offers at such a cost-effective price, and food baked with it tastes indistinguishable from food made with real butter.

“Baker’s Friend has been developed following years of painstaking technical research in the quest to make an authentic-tasting butter alternative, taking full advantage of Carotino’s unique, proprietary chemical-free production method.”

•          Long shelf-life, no need to refrigerate

•          Perfect for sweet or savoury pastry/dough

•          Cholesterol-free

•          Lower in saturated fat

•          Not hydrogenated, so no harmful trans fats

•          Contains antioxidants, including vitamin E

•          Gives food a softer, lighter texture

•          Makes baked goods look tasty and appetising

•          Dairy-free, suitable for vegetarians