Costa, the high street coffee shop chain, is launching a limited edition roast to join its Old Paradise Street range. 

Launching nationwide this month, Old Paradise Street Limited Roast No.9 is the fourth in the range and is the first to include Nicaraguan Arabica beans in the blend.

The roast is a Nicaragua, Sumatra and Brazilian blend that is said to deliver “natural chocolate notes with a mild sweet caramel taste”. It will be available until the end of October.

Hugo Castaneda, Costa’s laboratory manager at its London Roastery, said: “Old Paradise Street No.9 is our most unique blend to date. The introduction of Nicaraguan beans to our coffee for the first time has helped us to create a rich roast with distinctive flavours and characteristics that fit perfectly with the quality we demand from our coffee.” 

The range is named after the street in Lambeth, London where Costa’s Roastery has roasted all of its beans since 1971.