Dawn Foods has partnered with chef, author and broadcaster Gerard Baker for its 2019 Bakes for All Seasons campaign.

Dawn said the campaign would give bakers and caterers insight into the history and traditions behind the UK’s favourite bakes at national celebrations such as Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Baker has been commissioned by Dawn to offer insights that will be available to subscribers of Dawn Foods’ ‘Bakes for All Seasons’ campaign monthly newsletter. Dawn will also inform its customers through channels such as website content, editorial, social media and direct marketing on the types of products, ingredients, flavourings and decorations to use to make the most of these celebrations.

“All significant celebratory events feature food elements, from a simple pancake to a multi-tiered, extravagantly decorated cake with exotic spices and fruits,” said Baker.

“Sharing observations and anecdotes about how these bakes have developed over time and their significance in celebrations which we still celebrate today, such as Easter or Mother’s Day for example, will make fascinating reading.”