Hovis has tapped into government guidelines that the UK needs more fibre by launching its new Hovis Good Inside range.

The new range includes three loaves containing natural Omega 3, wheatgerm and fibre, which will be in retailers from September.

According to the company, two slices of Hovis Good Inside Soft White Medium Sliced bread contain 10% of the daily recommended fibre intake (based on the EFSA Scientific Opinion on the Dietary Reference Values for Carbohydrate and Dietary Fibre, March 2010, of 25g per day).

This comes after the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) concluded in its report into carbohydrates, that starchy carbohydrates and wholegrain should form 50% of daily calorie intake, and the intake of fibre should be increased.

The report said that those aged 16 and over should increase their intake of fibre to 30g a day, 25g for 11- to 15-year-olds, 20g for five- to 11-year-olds and 15g for two- to five-year olds.

The range – which will include White, Best of Both and Wholemeal - also continues to deliver on Hovis’ promise to use no artificial preservatives in any of the products.

Sophie Lyons, marketing manager at Hovis, says: “We know that consumers are gradually reducing their consumption of bread; they love bread but are feeling guilty about eating it, due to perceived health concerns. The new range is baked with ingredients that help to make bread a positive health choice, rather than something to be avoided. Our loaves are special as we use Omega 3 derived from flax seeds rather than fish oil. Omega 3 is an essential ingredient in helping to maintain normal cholesterol levels. We also bake in wheatgerm, sourced from the heart of the wheat, which is packed with 14 essential vitamins and minerals.

“Hovis has always been known for goodness. It’s in our brand DNA and we aim to continue to develop bread that meets consumers’ needs for healthy goodness. Hovis Good Inside was developed using the input of 2,500 consumers who told us what kinds of healthier ingredients were important to them in bread.”

The launch will be supported with a £5m integrated campaign spanning TV, video on-demand, radio, digital, PR and in-store media.

The campaign will kick off in September when the loaves hit stores, it will run for three months and will form part of a wider £10m brand investment package over the next year.