Cereal giant Weetabix has partnered with Kara, the foodservice arm of Finsbury Food Group, to launch a duo of branded breakfast muffins.

The muffins are available in Apricot & Oat and Apple & Raisin variants, which are low in saturated fat and a source of fibre, according to Kara. They are designed to provide a nutritious breakfast option for the food-to-go market, which is set to rise by 3% year on year, reaching a value of £3.5bn by 2022.

“It was great to partner with Weetabix to bring this muffin to the market. Consumers are increasingly eating out-of-home at breakfast, so it’s important that breakfast choices are healthy and help keep them full until lunchtime,” said Jane Olney, commercial director for foodservice at Kara.

“Not only have we kept the saturated fat and salt to a minimum, we’ve also packed the product full of fruit and high levels of fibre to ensure multiple nutritional benefits from each muffin.”

The Weetabix muffins come wrapped in a branded case exclusively through Kara Foodservice. Two pack formats are available – a case of 4x6, which can be included as part of a display and also individually wrapped. A blueberry variant is available as an individually wrapped option.

“We are excited about the possibilities a muffin from Weetabix will bring for consumers looking to pick up a breakfast on the move and for retailers looking to delight their shoppers with something new and relevant,” added Francesca Davies, marketing director, Weetabix.

In 2018, Kara extended its Tulip muffin with a vanilla variant, while redeveloping the existing range to reduce the sugar in products.