Finsbury Food Group foodservice brand Kara has added a premium option to its fruit teacake range.

The launch contains a number of enhancements in taste, aroma and aesthetic to improve the overall experience for consumers, said the supplier.

The Premium Fruit Teacake contains double the amount of mixed fruit in each batch, and includes currants, raisins, orange and lemon peel. They are sold unsliced in packs of four.

Jane Deegan, marketing manager at Kara, said: “We’re constantly seeking new ways in which we can enhance our ranges and adding a premium option to our teacake selection seemed a natural choice. The aim with this product was to pack much more flavour, texture and scent into the teacake.”

Kara’s existing fruit teacake range includes a traditional option of white sweetened bread cake with added sultanas, raisins and currants and also a spiced option that has fruit with a blend of spices and brown sugar.