Finsbury Food Group foodservice brand Kara has relaunched and expanded its bloomers range with new flavours and thicker slices.

The line-up, which previously consisted of four medium-sliced bloomers, now features redeveloped recipes and contains three thick-sliced options and a new flavour, taking the total to seven loaves.

Kara said the recipe gave the products a longer shelf life and enabled each loaf to maintain softness.

“It’s important for us to constantly review our recipes and seek improvements in order to benefit flavour and shelf life, which is a key concern for operators when it comes to baked goods,” said Andy Bingham, head of NPD at Kara’s Sheffield site.

The range previously consisted of Malted, White, Multi-Seeded and Sourdough loaves. The three new thicker-slice products are White, Malted and Sunflower & Oat.

 “Adding the thicker slices can give operators more flexibility with the Kara bloomers,” added Bingham.

“We’re also excited to be adding a new flavour to our range with the Sunflower & Oat; this flavour is packed with seeds and has a hint of honey, an ideal option for breakfast times, and is delicious when toasted.”