Christmas pudding manufacturer Matthew Walker has launched a brand new gluten-free sponge pudding range that is available in two variants.

The Syrup and Chocolate sponge puddings (110g) have been developed to deliver a high standard of light and airy texture and flavour to appeal to those with coeliac disease.

The puddings are made from 100% gluten-free ingredients that include a blend of rice and maize flours, topped with either chocolate sauce or golden syrup. They are available to purchase in major retailers, including Morrisons and Waitrose for £1.50 each.

The new range does not require refrigeration and can be steamed for 20 minutes in a basin steamer, or can alternatively be microwaved for 30-35 seconds.

Sarah Gibbon, senior category manager at Matthew Walker, said: “Following extensive research we created a range of gluten-free puddings that taste exactly like traditional sponge puddings – all the joy, less the gluten, suitable for all consumers.

“After the original success of our Matthew Walker Gluten Free Christmas puddings we wanted to create a convenient, single-portion, indulgent sponge, minus the gluten- free element, that all consumers will love, and we are very proud of the result.”