Paul UK has unveiled its first hybrid creation – a mince pie and croissant combination – as part of its Christmas 2017 range.

Available to order online from 31 October and in-store from the 28 November for £1.75, the Croissant Nicholas is an all-butter croissant filled with rich, sweet mincemeat and dusted with icing sugar.

The hybrid is described by the chain as the “perfect breakfast to wake up to on Christmas morning”.

“Unique for this year, Paul’s first hybrid creation, the exclusive mince pie croissant brings festive flavour to the traditional French pastry,” said a Paul UK spokesperson.

As well the Croissant Nicholas, Paul is also set to roll out three limited-edition Christmas sandwiches from 7 November until 24 December.

The sandwich range comprises the Dinde De Noël, The Cosy Christmas Pig sandwich and The Merry Veggie Sandwich.

Back by popular demand, the Dinde De Noël, priced at £4.65, is a sage & onion baguette, studded with cranberries and filled with sliced turkey, bacon, spinach, cream cheese and horseradish.

The Cosy Christmas Pig Sandwich, which is a brand new offering, is an artisan apricot & sage baguette, filled with Lincolnshire sausage and bacon, as well as containing layers of spinach, sliced apple and apple chutney.

To coincide with the growing vegan and vegetarian market, The Merry Veggie Sandwich is completely meat- and dairy-free. The baguette is made with roasted spiced pumpkin & rosemary, filled with radicchio, courgette, carrot, spinach and onions.