Premier Foods has rolled out lower-sugar versions of its Mr Kipling Angel and Chocolate Slices.

The reduced-sugar slices have 30% less sugar than their counterparts. Per 100g, the reduced-sugar Angel Slices contain 25.4g of sugar compared to 39.7g in the standard range.

Per slice the lower-sugar variant has 6.1g of sugar compared to 13.1g, but they only weigh 24g while the standard Angel Slices weigh over a third more at 33g.

The products are available in major retailers now with an rsp of £1.75 for a pack of six slices.

“With health so high on the agenda at the moment, it couldn’t be a better time for the brand to launch a lower-sugar version of well-loved products,” said Mathew Bird, brand director for sweet treats at Premier Foods.

“As consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their food choices, our snack packs are also a great way for them to exercise portion control.”

They follow the “successful” launch of a trio of Mr Kipling reduced-sugar cake slices in January 2018.

As well as health trends, the brand has also been focusing on other popular themes, particularly creatures, with recent NPD including Dragon Slices, Unicorn Fancies and Flamingo Slices.