Bakery retail chain Muffin Break has announced that it will support the NHS’s introduction of a 20% sugar tax in hospitals by 2020 by bringing out a healthier range of products at its stores based in the University Hospital Lewisham and Whittington Hospital, both in London.

Among the new options will be four different salads, smoked salmon and houmous and olive wraps, all priced around £4.

Muffin Break will also be changing its point-of-sale strategy by removing cookies and crisps from the till points and replacing them with bowls of fruit and a new porridge option priced at £2.60.

Muffin Break general manager, Lisa Brook, said: “We have long been committed to expanding our product portfolio and providing our customers with healthier alternatives and the NHS move has strengthened our resolve.

“Our strategy in Lewisham and Whittington has been reviewed and we are already making positive changes to encourage visitors to consider healthier options as impulse buys at the tills.”

Muffin Break is part of a growing series of local franchisee-owned artisan bakery cafes, which bake a wide range of food options on site daily, all made from fresh ingredients.

In July, Muffin Break introduced three new flavours of milkshake to their drinks range, which are made with actual muffins.