The Tarte Tatin has been given a twist with the new Normande version from Brioche Pasquier.

Brioche Pasquier is rolling out the new product after last year introducing an individually portioned version of the Tarte Tatin.

Jon Turonnet, Brioche Pasquier foodservice sales manager, said: “We have celebrated the flavours of Normandy by taking the traditional Tarte Tatin recipe of sweet caramelised apple slices and buttery flaky pastry and adding a luscious layer of crème pâtissière.”

The result is a creamy apple tart with a crisp base that is described as “truly French and wonderfully delicious”. This new tart will be available alongside the original recipe so operators can choose to offer one or both versions of our Tarte Tatin.

“The individual size of our frozen tartelettes make them perfect for operators who are offering a variety of desserts and may be wanting to warm just one or two orders at any one time,” Turonnet added.  

Brioche Pasquier’s Tarte Tatin Normande is made with real butter and 100% fresh apples by pâtissiers in France. They are best served warm and can be cooked from frozen, needing 10 to 12 minutes in a pre-heated oven.

They can also be baked from chilled in five minutes or cooked in a microwave.

The Tarte Tatin Normande comes frozen in packs of 10 x 120g individual tartelettes, which have an 18-month shelf life.