Gluten-free brand Schär has claimed to be the first brand to supply a range of ’low-fodmap’ certified bakery products to UK supermarkets.

Bread, baguettes and ciabatta rolls are among the products that have been certified with a low fodmap by Monash University, founders of the low-fodmap diet.

Fodmaps, an acronym for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols, are a collection of carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed into the gut that can trigger IBS symptoms.

The low-fodmap diet excludes foods that can contribute to IBS symptoms, such as intestinal bloating and pain.

Roger Harrop, category manager at Schär, said the launch came at a time when consumers were increasingly recognising the role of the diet in helping to manage IBS symptoms.

“We are proud to be the first brand to introduce low-fodmap certified products into UK supermarkets for customers with IBS,” said Harrop.

The full line-up of products featuring low-fodmap labelling comprises: baguettes, brown ciabatta rolls, panini rolls, seeded ciabatta, white ciabatta rolls, seeded loaf, vitality loaf, white loaf, pizza bases and grissinis (breadsticks).

According to Schär, 16 million people in the UK have experienced IBS, with approximately 3 million adopting a low-fodmap diet.

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