Starbucks has slashed sugar across its sweet bakery range, with reductions of up to 54%. 

The steepest reduction of sugar per portion has been in Starbucks’ festive Red Velvet Cake, which now contains 27g of sugar per serving – previously it had 59.2g. Sugar per portion in its Ginger Loaf has been cut from 44.7g to 35.1g, a reduction of 22%.

Its festive hot drinks, renowned for their high sugar content, have also returned with less sugar than previous years. A tall Eggnog Latte now contains 11% less sugar, while the Toffee Nut and Gingerbread Lattes were subject to reductions last year.

“We are making good progress in taking sugar out of our drinks, simplifying ingredients, and offering lighter menu options. This year we’re bringing the same great festive flavours that our customers know and love, with even less sugar content,” said Sara Bruce-Goodwin, vice president research and development for Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The food-to-go retailer also noted progress across its new and existing menu of bakery items in 2017, with a 16% sugar reduction in its Carrot Cake recipe as a result of reformulation and a 6% reduction in its Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie. There is also 6-17% less sugar in its new loaf cake range.

Sugar reduction is a hot topic in bakery. Earlier this year Finsbury relaunched its licensed range of Disney celebration cakes with 40% less sugar.

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