No Easter would be complete without them – now Cambridge Market Research has published the results of a consumer blind taste test to see which hot cross bun is best.

Hot cross buns were purchased from 10 major UK retailers, and blind taste-tested by consumers in two UK city centres.

The results
1. Marks & Spencer’s Luxury hot cross buns
2. Asda’s Bakers Selection hot cross buns
3. Lidl’s Rowan Hill Bakery hot cross buns
4. The Co-operative’s Loved by us hot cross buns
5. Sainsbury’s hot cross buns
6. Tesco’s hot cross buns
7. Waitrose’s richly fruited hot cross buns
8. Greggs’ hot cross buns
9. Aldi’s Village Bakery hot cross buns
10. Morrisons’ Baked By Us hot cross buns

For each bun being tested, a full diagnostic product assessment took place, with participants evaluating and rating key characteristics, including appearance, taste, texture, aftertaste and intention to buy.

The total sample was representative of the UK population as a whole in terms of gender, age and socio-economic group.