Urban Eats Roots wraps 2023

Source: Urban Eats

Urban Eat has revamped its plant-based Roots range with a new look and new products.

Rolling out to tie in with Veganuary, the range includes two sandwiches: Cheeze & Pickle with tomato and lettuce, and Falafel & Houmous with vegan mayonnaise and salad. The brand’s Tomato & Pesto wrap remains part of the range, and is joined by a Spicy Bean wrap.

Urban Eat explained that the range has been designed after extensive research to offer plant-based options that appeal to a broad range of consumers. The research had shown that 65% of people in the UK were reducing meat from their diets but were not willing to compromise on taste and quality to do so.

“When designing Roots, we knew we didn’t want to launch just another vegan sandwich,” said brand manager Abigail Nelson-Ehoff. “It was important to us to create a lunchtime offering full of flavour and variety that appeals to a broader target audience than just those with a vegan diet.”

She added that resonating with consumers reducing meat as well as devoted meat excluders increased the brand audience by 50%.

“We’re confident we’ve created a range that does just that, and customers will be able to identify us easily in the chiller and understand what we offer – food that’s plant-based and big on taste.”

Urban Eat last year rolled out a wider recipe and packaging refresh designed to broaden the times of day consumers pick up its products and tap the breakfast market.

Originally owned by Adelie Foods, Urban Eat was acquired by Samworth Brothers after Adelie entered administration in May 2020. Later that year Urban Eat joined Samworth’s Fresh Food For Now Company, the division that manufactures and supplies food-to-go products, including brands Ginsters and Soreen.