Yard Sale Pizza is to launch its fifth London store and debut a new oven-baked folded pizza menu.

The Hackney Road restaurant, which is expected to open in early September and is the concept’s biggest site to date, will showcase a new calzone offer, serving Cobble Lane cured meat, veggie and vegan options at lunchtimes only Monday-Friday.

The two-storey eatery – which will feature an open kitchen with a Marana Forni pizza oven – will also carry traditional double-fermented dough handmade pizzas in 12-inch and 18-inch sizes.

Choices including ‘Holy Pepperoni’ with Cobble Lane pepperoni, Napoli piccante, and crumbled Nduja sausage; the ‘TSB’ with tender-stem broccoli, parmesan, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil; and the vegan ‘Herb Your Enthusiasm’, with grilled artichokes, olives, red onion, and salsa verde.

Each pizza will be stone-baked to achieve a “perfect bubbly crust”, the business said.

A selection of sides, including cheese and Marmite garlic bread, homemade dips and salads, as well as Happy Endings ice cream sandwiches, will also appear on the menu.

Yard Sale Pizza currently operates four London-based shops in Clapton, Finsbury Park, Walthamstow and Leytonstone.