MmmLunch is an app that enables bakery customers to browse, order and pay before collecting their baked goods at a pre-arranged time.

The app, which can be branded with a baker’s logo, means “no more customers being turned away by long queues”, according to developer Trask Tech.

The app is designed to save time and money lost on customer orders that are never collected, because all orders received through the mmmLunch app are fully paid for. It also comes with a free website and marketing pack.

For a limited time, the app is free for bakeries to sign up to – with the developers taking a 5% cut of every order placed through the app. There are no card processing fees, and no contracts or obligation to remain with the company, should the scheme not work as well as expected.

Bakeries are increasingly looking at the opportunities around ‘click and collect’ style services.

Greggs, for example, is trialling a workplace food delivery service, but has ruled out home deliveries in favour of customer collection.

“While we do not see an opportunity in home delivery, we do believe that a smartphone-based order-and-collect service for customers offers a future opportunity,” said Greggs CEO Roger Whiteside. “Building experience with customer delivery will enable us to develop this channel, with the initial aim of converting our existing lunchtime platter business to a digital platform.”

In July 2016, the first Starbucks Express store in Europe opened in London’s Canary Wharf. Instead of ordering and paying at the till, a customer is prompted to order when they enter the store. For customers who choose to order ahead, mobile order and pay is also integrated.

Starbucks is also launching an artificial intelligence-powered ordering system, allowing customers to place their orders via voice command or messaging on their phone.