West Yorkshire-based Spiffing says its new range of sprouted flours uses “natural technology to put bread back on the table for healthy eaters”.

The grain used in the flour is soaked for 24 hours and maintained at a temperature of 20 degrees for five days. The grain and sprout are then milled to create an end product that looks the same as other flour.

Spiffing Sprouted claims its flour is easily digestible, rapidly absorbed and kind to the stomach (unlike some raw grains). It also claims it has increased bioavailability of key nutrients including Vitamins B and C, folate, fibre, essential amino acids and increased anti-oxidants, as well as an enhanced taste and texture.

Bakers and consumers can now buy the sprouted flour across the UK. It was previously only available in health food shops.

Jason Bull, MD of Spiffing, said: “We have witnessed a huge appetite for sprouted from British consumers. It turns bread back into the healthy staple that it should be.

“It brings together two exciting trends, our love of baking and our desire to eat healthily. The fact it is also easily digestible will put bread back on the table for healthy eaters.”

“At a chemical level, Spiffing Sprouted has a higher phytase activity and lower levels of antinutrient compounds that pave the way for the gut to absorb more nutrients,” said the company.

There are three products in the range:

·       Sprouted Wheat Flour – 500g – RRP £3.99

·       Sprouted Wholemeal Spelt Flour – sweet and nutty – 500g – RRP £4.49

·       Sprouted Buckwheat Flour – 500g – RRP £4.49