High Wycombe-based flavouring specialist Synergy Flavours has launched a range of solutions for sugar reduction in biscuits and cookies.

The natural flavourings can help manufacturers achieve up to 30% sugar reduction in biscuits and up to 50% reduction in bakery-style cookies, according to the company.

The sugar reduction range includes a combination of sweet natural flavourings and proprietary dairy ingredients.

“The sweet flavour solutions help to lift and enhance sweetness, while dairy ingredients help to build back the indulgence and mouthfeel of products,” said Synergy.

In the case of cookies, it said, it was necessary to consider moistness, tenderness, colour, texture and flavour when replacing sugar. The company uses ‘sensory analysis’ to identify the key differences in a reformulated product, which it said allowed it to offer tailor-made solutions for sugar reduction.

Aside from improving sweetness levels and improving mouthfeel, Synergy said it was also possible to include additional profiles, such as golden syrup or toffee.

The solutions in the range can be used in combinations to tailor to the sugar reduction target, product formulation and process requirements. Synergy’s application experts can also offer advice to bakery customers on the optimal combination of solutions for specific products.

Dr Ian Butler, innovations director at Synergy, said: “Demand for reduced-sugar products is on the rise, especially in the UK.

“Our new range has been created to overcome all of the challenges biscuit and cookie producers face when reducing sugar, to ensure consumers can enjoy their favourite cookies without the guilt.”