Perthshire-based Tower Bakery has won £10,000 worth of bakery equipment, in a competition run by Dawn Foods, in conjunction with Mono Equipment.

Part of Dawn’s 2015 National American Sweet Bakery Campaign, the competition was won by Sandy and Angela McKinnon from Tower Bakery, Perthshire, who entered the prize draw online.

Tower Bakery, a family-run business, won a £5,000 Mono 4/5 Tray Eco-Touch Convection oven, and £5,000 worth of additional equipment of their choice.

Tower Bakery was founded in 1981, and is now a chain of 10 high street shops across Perthshire, with over 300 wholesale customers and 95 staff.

Angela McKinnon said: “We have always used Dawn products for our doughnuts and muffins, and are so happy to have won the Dawn/Mono competition.

“The new oven is going to be installed into one of our shops and we’re really excited that it will be our first ever bake off oven. The other part of the prize will enable us to get new equipment and maintain the high standards for which we are well known”

Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager of Dawn Foods UK and Ireland said: “We are delighted for Tower Bakery and would like to thank Mono Equipment for helping us to offer such a superb prize, as well as all off the bakers who took part in our 2015 National American Sweet Bakery Campaign.”