Ulrick & Short has added to its range of protein ingredients.

The new ingredient, called Complex 20, is designed to allow manufacturers to develop healthier products and advertise products as high protein, without altering the flavour of finished goods.

Ulrick & Short said Complex 20 was clean label, non-GM and vegan, and suitable for a range of bakery and snack applications.

It added that the ingredient had “very high” protein content, meaning it can be applied at a low percentage and still reach 12% and 20% claim benchmarks.

“As consumer knowledge grows, consumers are demanding healthier and tastier products across all sectors,” said Emma Walker, development technologist at Ulrick & Short.

“Protein claims are now no longer confined to niche products and the sports nutrition sector, they are in the mainstream with bakery, snacks and ready meal sectors all experiencing massive growth of alternative proteins and protein claims.”