Roberts Bakery is launching packaging for its bloomer range that can be recycled in household kerbside collection bins.

Although the plastic on much of the wrapped bread sold in the UK is recyclable – including Roberts’ core bread range – few local authorities collect it as part of kerbside services. Instead, consumers need to take it to a recycling point, often found at supermarkets, to be recycled alongside carrier bags.

Roberts’ bloomer packaging was 85% recyclable when it rolled out as part of the brand’s relaunch a year ago, and has now been made 100% recyclable by replacing the polypropylene plastic window with polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The 100% recyclable bloomer packaging will roll out on the three products in the range – Heroic Wholemeal, Wondrous White and Seriously Seeded – nationally in Asda and Morrisons stores from mid-October. They will also go on sale in Tesco, Waitrose and convenience stores.

The company said the move was its first step in making all its packaging 100% recyclable or compostable.

“We’re passionate and committed to not only doing our bit to help everyone live more sustainably, but also ensuring we are true to our ethos,” said Roberts managing director Stuart Spencer-Calnan.

“This means being relevant and meeting the needs of our millennial consumers, to whom sustainability is a very important and impassioned issue.”

He added that Roberts’ packaging technology team was continuously researching and trialling different products, and working with many international suppliers, to reduce environmental impact.