The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has declined to take action following a complaint by the Real Bread Campaign (RBC) about advertising claiming that artisan bread can be made using a packet mix.

The RBC said in a statement: “The advertisement also promises ‘sour dough’ [sic] with just 60 minutes’ fermentation, despite itself noting that genuine sourdough normally requires a ‘bulk fermentation period of up to 24 hours’.”

The ASA made its decision on the grounds that professional bakers “will be aware of what artisan means” and that shoppers merely expect “artisan-style bread”. As a result, the ASA said it believed it unlikely that either group would be misled.

In response, the RBC said: “The campaign believes this to be misleading and that the ASA’s decision not to take action is at very least a disservice to shoppers and genuine artisan bakers.

“The campaign believes this yet again highlights the need for an Honest Crust Act that will, amongst other things, include legal definitions for artisan bread and sourdough.”

It added: “The campaign is currently consulting its supporters and friends on the next steps to take on the issue of loaf labelling and marketing regulations.”

In March the RBC said some of the money raised through the sugary drinks tax should be spent on ‘real’ bread for children’s breakfasts.