A bakery specialising in Asian-inspired breads, biscuits and cakes has opened in Beeston, Nottingham.

Called Johnny and Phil’s Healthy Bakery, the shop has been set up by Fang-Ju Shen, a Taiwan-born baker who graduated with a Masters Degree in Illustration from Nottingham Trent University, but found it difficult to secure a job.

“I was trying to find an illustrator’s job in the UK, but it’s really hard. I thought it might be a good idea to own a bakery, with different breads. I enjoy baking,” she said.

“I learnt from a master back in my country, but it was only when I came here that I started baking and a lot of my friends really enjoyed it.”

The name Johnny and Phil comes from characters in a children’s book Shen created for her graduation project at University.

Products on offer in the shop include bread rolls, made with organic Four Seasons green tea, and pineapple buns, which are popular in Taiwan. Shen also produces orange cake with freshly squeezed juice and segments, and bakes raspberry chocolate pie, banana chocolate pie and a gooey chocolate cake.

"I have some regulars already,” she says. “I know business takes time, so I just have to be patient. People have been very friendly and all the neighbours are very good.”