Bakehouse’s new Gourmet Burger Bun - designed to hold a fresh 4-8oz burger - has been developed to capitalise on increased consumer demand for premium fresh burgers.

The bun is made with extra virgin olive oil and a sourdough starter to give a distinctive rustic taste. It is also dusted with semolina and stone-baked, to give a thin, crisp crust but soft dough inside, and a tight structure, so that the bun stays firm and that any added condiments do not soak into the bread.

Supplied fully baked - they defrost in less than two hours - Bakehouse Gourmet Burger Buns are also pre-sliced but with the top and bottom connected, so there should be no problems with missing pieces during busy service times.

Bakehouse Gourmet Burger Buns are supplied in cases of 40.