Biscuit maker Island Bakery is adding a new fruit offering to its range, as well as updating its packaging. Apple Crumbles are to join its existing range of organic biscuits, and contain chunks of apple, oats and juice and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

"It has been an absolute joy working with such eager-to-please apples, which have produced such a rewarding ’put your feet up’ treat," joked founder Joe Reade. "We hope that our October launch adds a little extra weight to National Apple Week."

While still aiming to maintain a fun, approachable look, Island Bakery has redesigned its packaging with more standout natural colours, different fonts and "more engaging foodie copy". "In short, we’ve created a new charming look that offers genuine shelf standout," added Reade.

The range is available in Harvey Nichols, Fresh and Wild, Whole-foods Market, Planet Organic, Abel and Cole and Waitrose (in Scotland), among other outlets.

RRP: £1.77 (Apple Crumbles)