Belvoir Fruit Farms is launching new pressés, described as having a refreshing ’homemade’ taste.

Raspberry Lemonade Pressé (25cl) is a blend of raspberry juice, lemon juice and lightly sparkling Belvoir spring water, while Organic Orange & Jasmine Pressé (25cl) is a zesty blend of orange, lime and lemon juice with a hint of jasmine.

MD Pev Manners said: "Innovation is really important to keep driving the sector forward and, this year, we have tried to challenge the norm with some twists on old favourites."

The new varieties, which complement Belvoir’s existing range of nine pressés and five ’Good Stuff’ drinks, are handmade on the family farm in Lincolnshire and are all free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, ’natural’ flavours, or preservatives.