California Raisins is promoting its juice concentrate for use in the production of baked goods, confectionery and snacks.

The concentrate is prepared in stages by leaching raisins with water to produce the juice. This is then "evaporated in a vacuum pan until the concentration contains a minimum of 70% natural fruit soluble solids", explained the company.

The raisin concentrate is made with no additional sugars or preservatives, but is self-preserving. It is compatible with dairy as it has a low microbiological count and a low pH. It can be used as a flavour enhancer, a natural sweetener, a colouring agent to add a darker colour to baked goods and snacks, or as a binding agent in products such as biscuits and cereal bars. It can also be used as a humectant, which will help maintain moisture levels in products such as soft cookies and chewy cakes.