Ulrick & Short has launched a clean-label alternative to ready-to-use egg- and milk-based glazes, in its Eziglaze range. ’Ready to use’ Eziglaze has been developed in response to market demands for more natural ingredient alternatives, as well as an increasing awareness of people with allergies. It was developed with the help of the microbiology faculty at Leeds Metropolitan University. The glaze doesn’t need to be chilled and contains no chemicals or artificial components, yet still has a minimum shelf-life of three months. The product has also been designed to match the viscosity of egg and milk, providing a realistic and easy-to-use alternative, says the firm.

"Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of what goes into their food and while some companies take out the allergens, they are then replaced with artificial alternatives - Ulrick & Short do not do this," said director Adrian Short.