Leeds Co-op could be going back to its roots by launching an own-label local bread.

The society has started a feasibility study into working with one or two Leeds-based bakers to bake the bread, which would only be sold in its outlets in the area.

One of the current members suggested a local bakery product, which society secretary Chris Maynard said was being considered. "We’re not trying to compete with the Warburtons of this world - we’re not necessarily looking at opening a bakery, but producing an own-brand premium bread."

Leeds Co-operative Society is the longest-serving retail co-operative in the world. It was founded by local people, who set up their own flour mill to supply good quality flour at a reasonable price.

It already works with Watsons Bakery which supplies its shops with a range of bread. Added Maynard: "We hope to have a decision on whether to go ahead with this within the next couple of months."