I used to go to Greggs every other day when I lived in Headingley, Leeds. There was a shop on my street so it was very convenient to buy bread, sandwiches or pasties. Occasionally I’d buy doughnuts there too. I also used to go to Ainsleys of Leeds a lot because there are so many shops dotted around the city centre.

I went to Leeds University and I really liked Ainsleys bakeries because they did a lot of student promotions. It means a lot when you’re living off hardly any money!

They also seemed to employ a lot of young people, which I think also entices students into to their shops.

Now, however, I live in London and I only go to Greggs about once every two weeks. There seem to be a lot fewer Greggs stores than in Leeds. I hardly ever see them in the centre of London.

I like Greggs’ tuna sandwiches with mayo, onions and there’s a nice one with peppers. I also really like the cheese and onion and chicken pasties. They’re quite filling, so I’ll usually pick one up when I’m out shopping or sometimes when I’m on my way back from work and can’t be bothered cooking.

Now I live in London, I just tend to go to the supermarkets to buy everything all at once and I am becoming more aware of the latest health trends.

I really enjoy brown bread made with lots of nuts and seeds. It tastes good and is better for me than white.

Note to all bakers: I love crunchy flapjacks but now I barely ever see them!

Natalie Bamber, 23, is a conference producer