Spanish firm Europastry is to open a commercial subsidiary in Holland in order to widen its distribution links in Europe.

The new site will serve its markets in Germany, Belgium and Northern Europe, to which it already distributes.

The firm, which produces parbaked bread and frozen pastries, also has subsidiaries in Portugal and France and exports to 20 countries.

With plans to expand further into international markets, Europastry said it already obtains 15% of its income from outside Spain. Last year it achieved a €360m turnover (£320.4m) and grew by 10%.

It has seen high growth rates for a number of its products, such as Pan Gran Reserva – a country loaf – and its doughnuts. “During the first six months, doughnut exports grew by 40%, making Europastry the largest European manufacturer of frozen doughnuts,” said a spokesperson for the firm.

It has also invested €12.3m (£10.94m) on research and development this 2009, and has worked to eliminate hydrogenated fats from its products and launch a new range of healthier pastries for children.