The grain harvest and quality in 2013, was up 4.6% on last year’s levels, according to the final EU-27 cereals estimates, for 2013/14, released by Copa-Cogeca.

In its report, Copa-Cogeca also listed data on the sowing intentions for the next marketing year.

EU-27 soft wheat production is expected to climb by 6.9% to 135.8 million tonnes (mt) this year - up from 127 m/t in 2012/13, barley production by 6% and maize production by 0.4%.

Yield for soft wheat is expected to rise to 5.8 tonnes per hectare (t/ha) from 5.5 t/ha, with the area given to planting is set to increase 1.6% to 23.5 million hectares.

According to the report, sowings for the winter period also seem to be good so far but it is too early to tell how it will pan out. "Only in March will farmers be in a position to assess better the acreage for the production," it said.