Premier Foods is adding four loaves to Hovis’ 400g range to tap into a "key growth sector".

The move will see the return of Hovis’ Little Brown Loaf - a traditional unsliced loaf, embossed with the Hovis brand name and premium packaging.

Hovis marketing director Jon Goldstone said: "The Hovis Little Brown Loaf will not only appeal to traditional consumers looking for an unsliced loaf from a bakery with the long-standing heritage of Hovis, but also younger consumers, who are looking for a naturally healthy, tasty bread."

Three more 400g loaves will be launched - Soft White Medium Slice, Soft White Thick Slice and Farmhouse Premium White. The loaves will have a longer shape, with square tops on mainstream loaves and domed tops on premium lines.

Goldstone added: "Our new 400g range offers a proposition within the bread marketplace that will appeal to both current 400g users and non-buyers.

"In addition, the smaller loaf will also appeal to consumers who are looking to reduce their food wastage."

Hovis is also launching new-look packaging across its bread range, introducing a boy with bike emblem and promo-ting the brand’s "heritage and healthy credentials".

The 400g breads will be launched in September and will be supported with an adver- tising campaign.