BRITISH BAKERIES is investing £20m in a relaunch of its Hovis range with new recipes, a new logo, thicker packaging and an advertising campaign to emphasise the brands health credentials.

The roll-out of the new look across the entire Hovis range, including its Invisible Crust loaves and Hovis rolls, will be completed by the end of September, said marketing manager Alyson Ebbrell.

British Bakeries has been preparing for the relaunch for the last year with intensive consumer research and testing. It has analysed the manufacturing process, from raw ingredients to packaging, across the Hovis range, she said.

The ‘big food’ baked beans and tomatoes packaging has now been dropped, as it was “no longer in line with today’s consumer needs”.

Ebbrell added: “This is new Hovis, with a new logo incorporating the message ‘something good inside’, new packaging and new recipes.”

The changes will be supported by an £8m television advertising campaign, starting today with the strapline ‘Hovis is for life’.

The ad begins with a girl and boy running through a wheat field developing into adults and finally as a couple with two young children, leaving the trampled wheat behind them.

Some £7m has been spent on recipe improvements, including improved texture, whiteness and appearance for Hovis Square White and a maltier flavour and thicker, larger slices for Hovis Wholemeal.

No lines have been dropped, and new loaves, which will be in store from July 23, have been added to Hovis’ premium bread portfolio. These include Hovis Supreme White and Hovis Farmhouse Best of Both.

Following the relaunch of Hovis Granary in February, a new Hovis Oatmeal Granary has also been launched, as well as Hovis White Granary and Hovis Country Granary

400g loaves.

And £2m has been spent on an improved quality, thicker bread bag, to bring a more premium feel to the range.

New premium loaves

- Hovis Supreme White (800g) – Premium white tinned sandwich loaf, lightly flour dusted and cut for a rustic appearance

- Hovis Farmhouse Best of Both (800g) – Premium Best of Both sandwich loaf, batch baked for softness and targeted at adult consumers

- Hovis Oatmeal Granary (800g) – Contains a blend of malted oats and Hovis Granary flakes

- Hovis White Granary (400g) – a smaller version of the existing 800g White Granary loaf

- Country Granary (400g) – a version of the existing 800g Country Granary loaf