This year’s National Craft Bakers’ Week (NCBW) drummed up huge interest, with local newspapers and radio stations keen to cover the events taking place.

Vienna Bakery in Jersey, Warings Bakery in Berkshire and Crusty Corner Bakery in Norwich were just some of the businesses that featured on BBC local radio during the promotional week earlier this month (8-13 October).

Bakers across the country reported increased footfall, sales and publicity during NCBW, with Birds the Confectioners, for example, reporting sales of 5,500 for a new cream Swiss bun.

Lots of bakers took to Twitter to promote their businesses, with Pryces the Bakers in Walkden among those busy with social media. It took samples to a local radio station, and offered tasters of poppy-seeded white knots, pecan and pumpkin seed bread and chia bread to customers.

Campbell’s Bakery in Crieff, Scotland held Big Taste events every day, and also visited Scallywags nursery to decorate gingerbread men. Salisbury-based Reeve the Baker held a competition for children at neighbouring schools, to invent a new and unusual flavour of bread and draw a poster to advertise it. Meanwhile, the faces of NCBW, Tom and Henry Herbert, got involved with their team at Hobbs House Bakery, engaging with their customers about the event and tweeting pictures.

Mike Holling, chairman of event organiser the National Association of Master Bakers, said: “This has been a brilliant week, with more bakers than ever before taking part, giving us a great base to build on for next year’s event.”