Hovis’ Facebook ploy

Hovis has launched its biggest ever social media campaign, via its Hovis Wholemeal Facebook page, to get consumers talking about bread. In other news, Caroline Jary, who has replaced Jon Goldstone as head of marketing for Hovis, confirmed that the brand’s earlier dispute with Tesco (BB, 22 October 2010) had been resolved and the delisted breads are now back on shelf.

New look for Foo-go

The Foo-go sandwich brand is set for a redesign after owner Greencore Foods appointed Origin Creative to revamp the packaging on its sandwiches and other convenience products sold in WHSmith travel shops at train stations and airports. The new look is expected to appear in May.

Sat fat queries

New research from the US questions whether saturated fats should be demonised by politicians and the health lobby.

Backed by the Global Dairy Platform, the research reveals that genetics, lifestyle and age could all play a part in how badly people are affected by their saturated fat intake.

Table is off key

In the table used alongside our lead story (BB 17 December, pg 4) the key is incorrect. The columns should show, from left to right, production, then consumption data. Apologies for any confusion.